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Teamstudio Build Manager 8.0.4 - Release Notes


Build Manager 8.0.4 is a patch release that primarily fixes a compatibility issue with Edition 32 of Teamstudio CIAO!, Configurator and Analyzer.


TMS-620:  Fixes an issue where, after upgrade to E32, Build Manager promotions that use CIAO!, Configurator or Analyzer fail with an error stating that the application must be installed to use this feature.  

TMS-573:  Fixes a Template Registry issue where adding an environment via a workflow approval fails and logs an error on the server: Could not locate deployment record to process status update.


Simply sign the template with an ID with appropriate rights, and refresh the design of the Build Manager application.

If you previously used a workaround for issue TMS-620, you can safely remove any DLLs copied to the Notes executable directory.  Uninstalling and reinstalling will also do this.

*Please note that as of Build Manager 8.0 requires a valid version 8.x License Number and Key to use the product. 

Teamstudio Build Manager 8.0 - Release Notes

Build Manager release notes for version 8.0.3 (the first public 8.x release) are available here:  Build Manager 8.0 Release Notes.pdf


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