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Teamstudio Build Manager 8.1.1 - Release Notes


Build Manager 8.1.1 is a maintenance release that adds support for IBM Notes 9.0.1 Feature Pack 10 (FP10), Interim Fix 2 (IF2) or later.  The primary purpose of this release is a fix for an issue where the Build Manager Status Plugin no longer works after upgrading to FP10.  This issue is due in part to changes in FP10, including the JVM upgrade to Java 1.8, and the upgrade of the underlying Eclipse RCP platform to version 4.6; Build Manager 8.1.1 resolves these issues.  The base FP10 release also introduced issues with Eclipse Message Consoles, which the Status Plugin utilizes.  These issues are fixed in IF2; IF2 (or later Interim Fix packs) are required to run the Status Plugin successfully.  For information on updating Build Manager, see the Upgrading section below.  FP10 is not required to run Build Manager 8.1.1.

The previous feature release, Build Manager 8.1, adds new capabilities to Build Manager "custom build steps" to save custom, organization-specific, metadata to build logs, Template Registry builds, and Build Manager Approvals workflows.  It also includes minor fixes, listed below.

Custom Steps are an existing Build Manager feature that allow the creation of additional steps that can be used in builds to accomplish specific tasks that are not covered by the standard Build Manager steps.  Build Manager 8.1 enhances this feature to provide a mechanism to save and display additional data.  For more information, see Custom Steps.



To upgrade the Build Manager NSF, sign the template with an ID with appropriate rights, and refresh the design of the Build Manager application.  Do the same for Template Registry and Approvals workflow application, if applicable (these templates have not changed since 8.1.0).

To upgrade the Status Plugin, open the updated Build Manager NSF, and choose Actions > 2. Install Status Plugin.  Accept the prompt to allow the installation, and to restart Notes when the installation is complete.  This action must be performed on each workstation used to run Build Manager promotions if the workstation is configured to use the Status Plugin.

If the Status Plugin displays a blank screen after restart, close the tab with the Status Plugin, and re-open it from Build Manager via Actions > 1. Show Status Plugin. If the plugin has installed correctly, it will display the Build Manager logo in the top part of the screen.

More information on installing the Status Plugin can be found here.

Note:  If a promotion is attempted before the plugin has been upgraded on a workstation, Build Manager will prompt to install the new version of the plugin, and exit the promotion.

If you previously used a workaround for issue TMS-620, you can safely remove any CIAO!, Configurator, or Analyzer DLLs copied to the Notes executable directory.  Uninstalling and reinstalling these tools will also do this.

*Please note that Build Manager 8.1 requires a valid version 8.1 License Number and Key to use the product. 

Fix Lists

Fixes in 8.1.1:

TMS-1169:  Build Manager Status Plugin support for Notes 9.0.1 FP10 (IF2+) and later

Fixes in 8.1:

TMS-1043:  Fixes an issue where Modified-Only builds failed to update the ACL of the new version of the database, potentially causing errors with roles during design refresh.

TMS-1056:  Add capability to pass info from custom actions to build logs, Approvals workflows, and the Template Registry.

TMS-1057:  Fixes an issue with the "Launch CIAO!" button in the Build Manager left-pane navigator where CIAO! would prompt for the database rather than use the current selection.

Fixes in 8.0.4:

TMS-620:  Fixes an issue where, after upgrade to E32, Build Manager promotions that use CIAO!, Configurator or Analyzer fail with an error stating that the application must be installed to use this feature.  

TMS-573:  Fixes a Template Registry issue where adding an environment via a workflow approval fails and logs an error on the server: Could not locate deployment record to process status update.

Teamstudio Build Manager 8.0 - Release Notes

Build Manager release notes for version 8.0.3 (the first public 8.x release) are available here:  Build Manager 8.0 Release Notes.pdf


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