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You must run the Configuration wizard before you can use Teamstudio Export. You can rerun it at any time by choosing Configuration from the File menu.

Configuration Settings

Archive Folder

This is the folder where Teamstudio Export will look for archive files and create new archive files. Archive files will be created within the folder using a subfolder structure that mirrors your servers. You can have multiple workstations running Teamstudio Export all sharing a single archive folder on a network drive.

The Archive Folder is required. Teamstudio Export cannot run without an Archive Folder.

HTML Output Folder

This is the folder where Teamstudio Export will generate the HTML version of any archives that you choose to export. As with the Archive Folder, Teamstudio Export will manage the subfolder structure within this folder. This setting is not required if you will not be exporting archives to HTML.

Notes Folder

If you will be generating archives then you must specify the folder where Notes is installed. Teamstudio Export will attempt to set this correctly but you may need to change it if you have multiple versions of Notes installed. Teamstudio Export uses a helper program, DxlExporter, to generate archive files. Export will add the folder specified here to the path before invoking DxlExporter. If you see an error like 

then this folder is not set correctly.

Notes Ini Location

The location of the notes.ini file to use when generating archives. This will usually be set correctly for you, but you can modify it if necessary.

You need to specify the full path to the notes.ini file here including the file name. Do not just provide the folder containing the ini file.

NotesID File

The location of the Notes ID file to use when generating archives. This ID must have access to the databases that you will be archiving.


The password for the Notes ID file above. The password is stored in an encrypted form, but it is passed to the DxlExporter program in plain text when you create an archive. If you do not want to store a password, you can leave this blank and instead ensure that your Notes client is running whenever you run Export. To allow Notes to share credentials with Export, you must choose File|Security|User Security... from the menu in the Notes client, and check the box labeled Don't prompt for a password from other Notes-based programs (reduces security).

Request Full Access Admin

If this box is checked, Teamstudio Export will attempt to enable Full Admin Administration mode when exporting a database. This will allow you to export databases even when you are not listed in the ACL for that database and will also export documents that you would not normally be able to access owing to readers fields. This setting will only work if you are listed in the Full Access Administrators list on the Security tab in the server document for the Domino server; you cannot use this setting to override standard Notes security.


Teamstudio Export will not return an error if your request for Full Access Admin mode is not granted. This information is not returned to us by the Notes API. However Teamstudio Export will return an error if it is unable to export any part of a database because of ACL or readers issues.

Domino Servers

The list of servers that Teamstudio Export will search for databases to archive.

  • To add a new server to the list, enter the server name and press the Add button. You can enter the server name in any form that is convenient for you: canonical, abbreviated or just the common name. Archives will always contain the full canonical server name.
  • To remove a server from the list, select the server and press the Remove button.

To pick from a list of available servers, click the down arrow at the end of the server name field and select <Scan> from the dropdown. This will populate the dropdown with a list of known servers from the address books on your local client and home mail server. Note that the ability to scan for available servers relies on earlier Notes settings being correct so you may see an error if, for example, the Notes program folder is not set correctly.

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