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Teamstudio Export 2.1.0

Teamstudio Export 2.1.0 is a feature update to Export. New features include

  • Applications exported to HTML will now run inside SharePoint
  • Attachments that are not stored in rich text will now be included in the HTML export

Additionally, there are a number of fixes to attachment handling and international support.

Please refer to Installing Teamstudio Export for details on system requirements and installation. This page will be updated with any known issues and fixes as they become available.

Fix List

Export 2.1.0

[TMS-1178] - Attachments with invalid characters in their file names cause the export to fail|
[TMS-1181] - Attachments with very long file names can cause export to fail
[TMS-1184] - Invalid characters in view data can cause export to fail
[TMS-1189] - Attachments that aren't in rich text don't show up in HTML output
[TMS-1191] - 0 byte attachments can cause HTML export to fail
[TMS-1193] - Error messages from DXL Exporter are corrupted in the Export UI on non-US machines
[TMS-1194] - Sharepoint requires an aspx index page and no more than 5000 files per folder
[TMS-1196] - The DXLExporter version number should be visible in the Export About dialog.

Export 2.0.0

[TMS-1153] - Multi-select in list of Notes databases
[TMS-1156] - Support for filtering and ordering fields
[TMS-1160] - HTML documents should have their form name set on the top-level json object
[TMS-1162] - Regular doclinks are not visible in the HTML output
[TMS-1163] - We should clear existing HTML content before exporting
[TMS-1164] - Allow searching in the main window's list of databases
[TMS-1165] - Refreshing the UI is slow
[TMS-1166] - Support for doclinks in external databases
[TMS-1168] - The 'document' count in the HTML list of views is actually a count of rows, not documents
[TMS-1170] - Improve the error message when the notes.ini location is invalid
[TMS-1171] - Add demo mode that limits archiving to the first 10 entries in each view
[TMS-1172] - Write a default static viewer config file in the config directory if one does not already exist
[TMS-1173] - Tab characters in attachment filenames cause 'Illegal characters in path' error during export
[TMS-1174] - Line breaks in rich text are in the wrong place when exported to HTML
[TMS-1175] - Not possible to view the bottom of rich text fields that are taller than the screen
[TMS-1176] - Some attachment names generate bad links in the HTML export
[TMS-1177] - Support for filtering views

Export 1.0.2

[TMS-1149] - @Error values in numeric fields cause FormatExceptions in HTML export
[TMS-1150] - Documents that fail during archive cause HTML export to fail with missing root element
[TMS-1155] - UI is left in an inconsistent state if refresh fails owing to, e.g. an unavailable server
[TMS-1157] - Crash viewing HTML if files have been moved or renamed
[TMS-1158] - HTML Archive Viewer shows largely blank page with Internet Explorer
[TMS-1159] - Crash during archive if a template has never been opened

Export 1.0.1

[TMS-1141] - Profile documents not included in archive
[TMS-1142] - HTML documents with highlighting display SafeValue must use [property]=binding
[TMS-1143] - HTML document highlighting displays rich text as html if the search text matches part of a tag name
[TMS-1144] - HTML view filtering stops working if you navigate away from a view and then back
[TMS-1145] - HTML documents should not filter out fields that don't match the search term
[TMS-1146] - Database ACL not included in archive

Export 1.0.0

Initial Release

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