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Teamstudio Adviser 6.6.2 - Release Notes

The current version, Adviser 6.6.2, is a fix release of Adviser 6.6 that includes bug fixes for minor issues in Adviser.  See the Fix List section below for details.  The current feature release version, Adviser 6.6, adds new features to group Usage statistics by Replica ID, and better handling for deleted databases.  Please read the installation guide (available here) carefully before installing.

New Features in Adviser 6.6

Group by Replica ID in Usage views

It is now possible to group databases by Replica ID in the Usage module, to provide a clearer picture of application usage across multiple replicating servers.  For more information, see Grouping by Replica ID.

Deleted Databases

Adviser now marks databases as "deleted" when they have been deleted and are no longer present in the server's catalog.nsf.  Statistics for deleted databases are preserved.  A deleted database filter can be applied to remove deleted databases from Usage and other modules.  See Deleted Databases for details.

Effective Access Performance

Adviser 6.6 contains additional enhancements to Effective Access, furthering the performance improvements in 6.5. However, the amount of information that Effective Access generates is roughly proportional to the number of databases multiplied by the number of users which can be prohibitive for larger organizations. To ensure that the initial Catalog scan is successful, Adviser therefore disables Effective Access by default. During the Catalog Scan, Adviser collects counts of users, groups, and databases that you can then use to determine whether enabling Effective Access is appropriate for your environment. Note that if you disable Effective Access, you will no longer be able to view ACL information in the Catalog module.



Upgrading from a previous version of Adviser 6

Upgrading Adviser involves refreshing or replacing the design of the server database, updating the command-line module on the workstation and restarting the server's HTTP task.  See Upgrading Adviser on the installation page for a detailed list of steps.

Upgrading from Usage Auditor 5.x

It is possible to upgrade from Usage Auditor 5.0 and retain all collected Usage data. Note that data collected with versions of Usage Auditor prior to 5.0 cannot be imported into Adviser. To ensure a successful upgrade, please contact our tech support team for help with your migration.

Running Adviser and Usage Auditor 5.x in Parallel

If you are evaluating Adviser, you may want to run Adviser and Usage Auditor in parallel. This is supported but you will need to run them on separate workstations. The Adviser workstation database contains a long-running scheduled agent that detects job requests on the server and this agent will not allow Usage Auditor's agent to run.

Known Issues

  • An error message from HSQL will be recorded in the server log whenever Adviser updates usage data. This message is benign, it refers to HSQL being unable to adjust logging levels, due to Domino JVM policy.  It starts with the messages:

           <clinit> failure initializing JDK logging system.  Continuing without Application logging.
           HTTP JVM: Access denied (java.util.logging.LoggingPermission control)

  • Allowing the browser to "save password" may cause errors in the browser UI on some browsers/platforms.  See Browsers and Saved Passwords on the installation page for details.

  • During Complexity Scans, the Adviser Workstation may log warnings indicating that "Notes initialization failed" due to reuse of a process ID.  Normally these warnings are harmless; the Workstation will recover and continue processing.

Fix List

Adviser 6.6.2 (Build 714)

[TMS-1104] - Fix issue preventing display of ACL entries in Catalog module
[TMS-1140] - Remove excessive debug-level logging in Usage filter sync task
[TMS-1147] - Import from Usage Auditor now allows import if server failed to catalog during most recent scan
[TMS-1148] - Improved performance during Usage Recompute for large imports and SQL rebuild operations 
[TMS-1151] - Fix issue where Domino temporary files were not removed after scans
[TMS-1152] - Fix issue where long-running Usage Recomputes sometimes fail due to application timeout

Adviser 6.6.1 (Build 702)

[TMS-1066] - Fix multi-select tools issues in Firefox browsers
[TMS-1067] - Fix issue where complexity search terms > by search term entries failed to display

Adviser 6.6.0 (Build 695)

[TMS-1051] - Add ability to aggregate Usage data by replica id
[TMS-1053] - Improved handling of deleted databases
[TMS-1061] - Fix issue where rebuilding SQL tables can result in unused disk space consumption
[TMS-1062] - Fix incorrect Workstation command-line documentation for HTTP AUTH command
[TMS-1064] - Remove unused ACL roles [admin] and [scan] which were not in use
[TMS-1065] - Set Adviser template property "Disable transaction logging" by default

Adviser 6.5.1 (Build 666)

[TMS-979] -  Add ability to run complexity on a single database for troubleshooting purposes
[TMS-1045]  - New DXL export process reduces likelihood of Adviser Workstation exiting due crashes in Notes DLLs
[TMS-1042] - Fix issue where Complexity can log excessive DXL export errors for databases with hidden design
[TMS-1044] - Fix UI error when user is explicitly part of a group that is included in another group
[TMS-1046] - Complexity now skips design elements over 20MB (which are most likely binary attachments) to avoid out-of-memory error

Adviser 6.5.0 (Build 464)

[TMS-988] - Improve logging during Catalog Scan
[TMS-990] - Web address in Notes UI is missing colon between protocol and //host
[TMS-1019] - CSV exports are not setting the content type and disposition correctly
[TMS-1025] - workstation causes extraneous log level update on start
[TMS-1027] - Update Servers task should log failure to open NAB as Debug, not Error
[TMS-1028] - Improve progress messages during Catalog Scan
[TMS-1029] - Web UI - weird layout when main landing page size is very narrow
[TMS-1007] - Web UI - add configuration for enabling/disabling Effective Access
[TMS-1008] - Web UI - show last time Effective Access / ACL was computed
[TMS-1009] - Web UI - show total number of users and groups for each catalog scan
[TMS-1016] - Complexity should log recoverable element-level errors and continue
[TMS-1017] - Show design element information in Complexity details.
[TMS-1020] - [TMS-1023] Improve Effective Access and Catalog Scan performance
[TMS-1024] - Add advanced SSL options to ignore unknown certs and specify unlisted hostname
[TMS-1026] - Catalog database CSV report should include template name and inherited template name

Adviser 6.5.0 Beta 1 (Build 430)

[TMS-868] - Add Export to Excel function for reports
[TMS-958] - Misleading message when license server count exceeded
[TMS-966] - Keyword search in Complexity should not be case-sensitive
[TMS-969] - Add a way to view which search terms were found in a database
[TMS-970] - Filters don't handle some characters (e.g. parentheses) properly
[TMS-986] - Complexity doesn't find search terms in XPages, Custom Controls etc
[TMS-991] - Server List is not sorting alphabetically when column is clicked
[TMS-993] - Date and Time used in Log Views not displaying in browser timezone
[TMS-998] - Some legacy log entries may display an incorrect time when the server and browser timezones differ
[TMS-1000] - Scan results may incorrectly display an error symbol


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