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Generates a list of changes based on the database you specify and a range of version labels.


status = CIAOCreateChangeList( <SourcePath>, <OutputPath>, <OutputTitle>, <NewerVersion>, <OlderVersion>, <Flags> )


SourcePathInputStringThe path to the Notes database that you want to process. Separate server and pathname with !! This database must be under CIAO! control and have the correct log specified in the CIAO! configuration.
OutputPathInputStringThe path to the Notes database where you want CIAO! to write the report. Separate server and pathname with !! If this database does not exist, CIAO! will create it.
OutputTitleInputStringThe title to use if the output database needs to be created.
NewerVersionInputStringUsed to specify the end of the range of version labels that you want to include. Use an empty string ("") to include changes up to the current state of the database.
OlderVersionInputStringUsed to specify the start of the range of version labels that you want to include.
FlagsInputLongFlags to control what is written to the report. You can pass 0 or a combination of the flags specified below. Multiple flags may be combined using the plus sign (+).


CIAO_REPORT_SILENTDo not display the status bar.
CIAO_CL_REPORT_DELTAInclude differences in the report.
CIAO_CL_REPORT_OWNERInclude the person who checked in the element.
CIAO_CL_REPORT_DATEInclude the date the element was checked in.

Include the checkin comment.

CIAO_CL_REPORT_IGNORE_NO_PREVIgnore elements that do not have a previous checkin.
CIAO_CL_REPORT_DEFAULTDoesn't display the status bar. Includes differences, the person who checked in the element, the checkin date and the checkin comment.


Return Value

Return ValueTypeDescription
statusLongZero (0) indicates that no error occurred. If the return value is non-zero, use CIAOStringLoad to get the error message associated with the error code.


Dim status As Long
Dim strPath As String
strPath = ""
If strDatabaseServer <> "" Then
	strPath = strDatabaseServer + "!!"
End If
strPath = strPath + strDatabasePath
status = CIAOCreateChangeList( strPath, "CIAO\\Reports.nsf", "CIAO Change List", "", "BASELINE", CIAO_CL_REPORT_DEFAULT )
If status <> 0 Then
	Dim szBuffer As String*255
	CIAOStringLoad status, szBuffer, 255
	MessageBox Left$( szBuffer, Instr( szBuffer, Chr(0) ) - 1 )
End If



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