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Causes Configurator to recompile and re-sign all notes in the database using the ID of the user running the agent.


status = CONFYCompileAndSign( <SourceDatabasePath>, <Flags> )


SourceDatabasePathInputStringThe path to the database that you want to precess. Separate the server and pathname with !!
FlagsInputLongA combination of the CONFY_COMPILE_SIGN_xxx flags below.


CONFY_COMPILE_SIGN_DEFAULTThe default behavior is to compile all design notes that are unsigned, including agents. Normally this will only be notes that have been modified by Configurator.
CONFY_COMPILE_SIGN_ALLBUTAGENTSIncludes everything except agents.

Includes agents.

Note: Signing an agent may affect its ability to run from a server. See your Notes Application Development reference documentation for information on running agents on clients and servers.

CONFY_COMPILE_SIGN_UNSIGNEDProcesses only design notes that are unsigned - usually notes that have been changed by Configurator.
CONFY_RUN_SILENTDo not display the status bar.

Return Value

Return valueTypeDescription
statusLongZero (0) indicates that no error has occurred. If the return value is non-zero, use CONFYStringLoad to get the error message associated with the error code.


status = CONFYCompileAndSign(



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