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Calls Analyzer. Passes only the file names and flags.


status = DEANAnalyzeW32( <Design>, <Analysis>, <Flags> )


DesignInputStringThe path of the database to analyze. Separate server and pathname with !!
AnalysisInputStringThe path of the analysis output database. Separate server and pathname with !!
FlagsInputLongThis parameter allows you to control how Analyzer runs. You can pass any of the DBDEAN Flag Constants. You can pass a combination of flags by using a plus sign (+) to combine them.

Return Value

Return ValueTypeDescription
statusIntegerA return value of zero (0) indicates that no error has occurred. If the return value is non-zero, use DEANStringLoadW32 to retrieve the error message associated with the error code.


status = DEANAnalyzeW32(_
	"myserver!!dbtorun.nsf",_ 'database to analyze
	"dbout.nsf",_ 'analysis database for output
	DBDEAN_FLAG_SILENT + _ 'no UI feedback
	DBDEAN_FLAG_NO_CREATE) 'do not create new analysis database
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