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The Teamstudio CIAO! configuration database contains Promotion functionality and Build Steps that are a subset of the functionality available in Teamstudio Build Manager.  

The Promotion features included with CIAO! are intended to provide developers and administrators the capability of standardizing and automating the deployment of typical Notes applications, producing repeatable builds with relatively low complexity in configuration.

Teamstudio Build Manager includes several additional capabilities to manage complex deployments and providing support for more advanced environments.  Build manager includes functionality to work with multi-stage release processes (test/QA/UAT), release management, approval processes, and deployment tracking.  

The following table highlights the key features of each product.  For more information on Build Manager, see the Build Manager online documentation, contact your account manager, or email us at





Build Manager



Deploy template to servers

Make Version*

Create a new CIAO! version.
*Requires CIAO!

Design Audit**

Run Analyzer Audit filters to ensure standards are met
**Requires Analyzer.

Database Properties

Set template name, title, and other template properties


Define ACL for promoted template


Search and Replace text with Configurator
***Requires Configurator.

Copy Database

Create a copy of the template in another location

Element Properties

Change element-level properties such as element-level inheritance, design refresh prohibition

Compile LotusScript

Compile LotusScript to ensure validity and avoid runtime errors

Sign Design

Sign template with an ID stored in CIAO!/Build Manager

Refresh Design

Refresh the design of applications based on the current template

Run Agent


Run an agent in any database, optionally passing parameters

Create Test Data


Reset baseline data for Test, QA or UAT environments

Run Shell Command


Execute OS command line operations, capture and validate command output

Send Console Command


Send remote Domino console commands to a server

Set Agent Server


Set agent “run on server” setting

Enable Agent


Set agent “enabled” status

Set Agent Behalf-Of


Set agent “Run on behalf of” setting in

Switch ID


Switch to an ID stored in CIAO!/Build Manager before running subsequent steps

Approval Workflow


Require approvals prior to allowing promotions to certain environments

Release Management


Store versions of template and track status and deployment in a Template Registry database

Promote As ID


Run promotion using an ID stored in CIAO!/Build Manager, for elevated access levels/permissions

Background Promotions


Promotions run in a separate process, freeing the Notes client for the user








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