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The recommendation can take one of four values:

  • Retain: The  The application is important to your organization and needs to be retained. If you are planning on continuing to run a Domino server, these are the applications that should remain on that server. If you are migrating to a new platform, these are the applications that should be migrated. This is usually a lengthy and expensive course of action and is only recommended for applications with very high business value and usage.
  • Archive: The application contains valuable data that should still be available to your users, but a read-only archive is probably enough. There are tools that can create simple archives of databases as, for example, a collection of HTML files.
  • Retire: The application can be backed up based on your data retention requirements and removed. 
  • Generic: The application can be replaced with an off-the-shelf product. Simple discussion databases or document libraries are an excellent example of generic applications. Adviser does not currently make this recommendation automatically as, for example, it has no way of knowing that a particular collection of databases are implementing a CRM system. You can, however, set this recommendation manually.