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Generating an HTML Site

To export an archive archives to HTML, select the database or databases to be exported from the main window, right-click on the database in the main window one of the selected databases and select Export to HTML from  from the context menu. The site will be As with standard Windows controls, you can use Ctrl-Click to select a range of databases and Alt-Click to add a database to the selection. You do not need to wait for all existing export operations to complete before adding more, but note that Export will run at most 3 tasks at once and all other tasks will be queued until earlier operations have completed.

You can view the status of any active and queued tasks from the Progress Window. Please see that page for details of how to handle errors and warnings encountered during exporting.

HTML sites will be generated inside the HTML Output Folder specified in the Configuration.



HTML sites are self-contained and have no runtime requirements. You can copy the site folder to another location on the file system or onto a web server and view it with any modern browser. While a Teamstudio Export license is required to generate the site, there are no ongoing licensing or runtime costs to distribute and view generated sites.