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Promotion Paths define targets for moving source templates to new environments when Promoting a Database.

Two types of CIAO! documents form the basis for building and promoting databases using CIAO!:

  • Database Documents, also called CIAO! Configuration or "Watch" documents, define the "source" location - the source template of an application where development takes place.
  • Promotion Paths define a "target" location - a server and path where the source template should be copied; build steps can then be run against this target to prepare it for release.



Database Documents

Teamstudio CIAO! configuration options can be found in the CIAO! documentation, Configuration documents are created by CIAO! when a source database is placed under CIAO! control, as described in Using CIAO!  For information on configuring database documents, see Understanding CIAO! Config Information.

For promotions, CIAO! uses the Database Document to identify the source template which the build will copy and act on, and can be created:


Promotion Paths specify a target location to "promote" a template.  Promotion paths copy the source template to the target location, and run the child Build Steps against the new copy.  Typically, a Promotion Path will include a child Build Step to refresh the design of one or more databases in the environment (e.g. QA, UAT, Production) where the template has been copied, or "promoted."