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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space EXPORT and version 2.0
Sv translation

The Progress window displays the status of all tasks that are currently active. To view the Progress window, choose Window|Progress from the main menu. If there are active tasks, you can also click on the activity indicator in the status bar at the bottom of the main window. Tasks will automatically be removed from the window as they complete successfully. Tasks with errors and warnings will remain in the window so that you are able to review any problems that occurred.

Canceling a Task

To cancel a task, move your mouse over the task and a cancel button (X) will display:

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Clicking the close button will cancel the task. The progress message will change to 'Waiting for cancel...' Note that it may take a few moments for the task to complete and be removed from the window.


If an error occurs during a task, the task will not complete and it will display in the progress window with a red background.

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You can use the same cancel button to clear the task from the list. Note that you may have to scroll or expand the window to view the complete message.


Some tasks may complete but encounter some problems that require your attention. The most common cause of this is when archiving is not able to export all documents because of reader fields or crashes in the Notes DXL Exporter. When this occurs, the task will be displayed with a pale orange background.

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You can click where indicated to view the warnings.

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You can choose to either cancel the task and discard the archive or keep the archive if the warnings are not serious enough to justify discarding it. You may also be able fix the problems that are causing the warnings and then repeat the archive.

Common Warnings

You are not authorized to perform that operation

This can be fixed by either removing readers fields from the affected documents or, if you have the necessary rights on the server, enabling Full Access Admin in the Export configuration. 

Incomplete run detected for note id XXXXXXXX

This indicates that the Notes DXL exporter crashed on the given document. These crashes can sometimes be fixed by opening the relevant document in the Notes client (or Designer if it is a design note) and making a minor change such as adding a space.


Sv translation

進行状況ウィンドウには、現在作動中のすべてのタスクのステータスが表示されます。進行状況ウィンドウを表示するにはメインメニューからウィンドウ / 進行状況 を選択してください。作動中のタスクがある場合は、メイン画面の下部にあるステータスバーのアクティビティインジケーターをクリックすることもできます。タスクは正常に完了すると自動的にウィンドウから削除されます。またエラーや警告のあるタスクはウィンドウに残るため、発生した問題を確認できます。



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タスクが完了しても、注意を必要とする問題に遭遇する可能性があります。最も一般的な原因は、Notes DXL エクスポーターの読者フィールドまたはクラッシュによって、アーカイブが全ての文書をエクスポートできない場合です。

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Note ID XXXXXXXXによる不完全な実行が検出されました

この問題はNotes DXL エクスポーターが指定された文書でクラッシュしたことを示します。これらのクラッシュは、Notesクライアント(またはdesign noteの場合はDesigner)で関連する文書を開き、スペースを追加するなどのごく僅かな変化を加えることで修正されることがあります。