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Teamstudio Adviser 6.0.1 - Release Notes

This is the first release of Teamstudio Adviser.

Adviser and Usage Auditor 5.x

Upgrading from Usage Auditor 5.x

It is possible to upgrade from Usage Auditor 5.0 and retain all collected Usage data. Note that data collected with versions of Usage Auditor prior to 5.0 cannot be imported into Adviser. To ensure a successful upgrade, please contact our tech support team for help with your migration.

Running Adviser 6.0 and Usage Auditor 5.x in Parallel

If you are evaluating Adviser, you may want to run Adviser and Usage Auditor in parallel. This is supported but you will need to run them on separate workstations. The Adviser workstation database contains a long-running scheduled agent that detects job requests on the server and this agent will not allow Usage Auditor's agent to run.

Known Issues

An error message from HSQL will be recorded in the server log whenever Adviser updates usage data. This message is benign, it refers to HSQL being unable to adjust logging levels, due to Domino jvm policy.  It starts with the messages:

     <clinit> failure initializing JDK logging system.  Continuing without Application logging.
     HTTP JVM: Access denied (java.util.logging.LoggingPermission control)

Fix List

Adviser 6.0.1

[TMS-782] Fixed issue where scroll bars behave erratically on Windows platforms
[TMS-786]  Catalog Scan summary now shows the number of servers scanned
[TMS-787] Limit the number of resent scans shown on Catalog Overview
[TMS-788] Web UI now displays error messages if appropriate on the Jobs popup
[TMS-790] Forcing Guidance Result updates Guidance views and tables
[TMS-791] Fixed issue where switching categories fails after scrolling loads additional rows in the current view
[TMS-794] Usage Scan no longer attempts to run on servers that failed to respond to Catalog Scan[TMS-800] Deleting workstation definition in server causes the Workstation to log excessive "exiting" messages to the Workstation NSF
[TMS-795] Added ability to upgrade (reimport) data from 4.x Usage Auditor
[TMS-796] Upgrade (reimport) from Usage Auditor now fails if servers not defined or not previously cataloged
[TMS-797] Improve server-side logging
[TMS-798] Job errors are now logged to backend logging
[TMS-801] Workstation setup (Enable this Workstation) needs to set the locally-scheduled agent "run on" to current user in order to run
[TMS-802] Remove build-only "x\build..." agents from release template
[TMS-804] Add option to change server-side logging level via agent in the Notes client
[TMS-805] Jobs are now displayed in UI in creation order
[TMS-808] Fixed issue Users with no activity display as having accessed 1 server
[TMS-809] Usage: hide users with no activity (until we support user import
[TMS-810] Usage Scan now logs an error if Activity not enabled on server
[TMS-812] Fixed issue where the Usage Users details view layout can overlap the users table in some situations
[TMS-813] Fixed issue where navigating between User usage and Database usage warns that the item is no longer in the category

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