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Check in or check out a document.


status = CIAODbCheckOutNote2( <DatabaseHandle>, <NoteID>, <Comment>, <Flags> )
status = CIAODbCheckInNote2( <DatabaseHandle>, <NoteID>, <Comment>, <Flags> )


DatabaseHandleInputLongA handle to a notes database opened using a LotusScript-wrapped call to NSFDbOpen.

The id of the note to process. If you have a string value returned from the NoteID property, you can convert it to a number using code like

strNoteID = doc.NoteID
noteID = Val("&H" & strNoteId & "&")
CommentInputStringThe comment to use for the operation.
FlagsInputLongFlags to control the operation. You can pass 0 or a combination of the flags specified below. Multiple flags may be combined using the plus sign (+).


CIAO_COMMENT_PROMPTDisplay a dialog allowing the user to modify the comment. This option is rarely used for API operations that provide their own comment.

Return Value

Return ValueTypeDescription
statusLongZero (0) indicates that no error occurred. If the return value is non-zero, use CIAOStringLoad to get the error message associated with the error code.


	Declare Function NSFDbOpen Lib "nnotes.dll" (Byval PathName As String, rethDB As Long) As Integer
	Declare Function NSFDbClose Lib "nnotes.dll" (Byval hDB As Long) As Integer
	hexNoteId = InputBox("Enter Note ID of design element to check out, as HEX", "NOTEID")
	comment = InputBox("Enter a comment", "COMMENT")
	flags = 0 'Flags can be set to CIAO_COMMENT_PROMPT, we have already prompted so no flags.
	noteId = Val("&H" & hexNoteId & "&")
	status = NSFDbOpen(db.server + "!!" + db.filePath, hdb)
	If 0 <> status Then
		Error status
	End If
	status = CIAODbCheckOutNote2(hdb, noteId, comment, flags)
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