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Use Teamstudio Build Manager to set the Run on Servers for scheduled agents. 

To set agent server:

  1. Select the Build or Promotion Path that relates to the database or template for which you want to apply a server to its scheduled agents.

  2. Click the Create action button and select Enable Agents. The Enable Agents document appears:

  3. This document is active by default. Leave this setting.

  4. Enter a descriptive name in the Description field (for example, Sales Server).

  5. Enter the server name. Leave this field blank for a local PC. Use * for any server.

  6. In the Apply To section, the checked scheduled or event triggered agents in the target database have the Run On Server property set.

Save and close the document.

The new Set Agent Server entry appears in the right pane, under the Build or Promotion Path to which it applies. 

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