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Edition 33 is a feature release of the Teamstudio Notes tools. In addition to fixing a number of bugs, this release contains significant enhancements to the Teamstudio CIAO! features that assist in preparing templates for deployment, along with updates to all of the database templates (NTFs) used by the tools for reporting and configuration. This document describes these enhancements, along with a list of specific fixes.

CIAO! Promotion Features

Teamstudio CIAO! now includes new features to help ensure accurate, repeatable application builds.

CIAO! has long offered a Promotion feature via the CIAO! Configuration database.  This feature supports creating Promotion Paths for templates watched by CIAO! that define server and file locations where the template should be deployed. Promoting a template creates a copy of the template at the desired location, and also supports an optional Build Step to create a CIAO! version of the template automatically prior to the deployment.

Edition 33 adds several new Build Steps to make it easy to prepare templates for deployment in a repeatable, consistent, and self-documenting manner – all with a single click.  Similar to build systems for other types of software development, these new features help ensure each new version of a template is properly prepared for release without requiring a manual process or checklist.

Significant new Build Steps include:

  • Setting template properties such as Design Template Name and Title
  • Defining the template ACL
  • Changing element properties, such as clearing element-level design inheritance and Prohibit Design Refresh settings
  • Compiling all LotusScript
  • Signing the template with a specific ID
  • Refreshing the design of target application(s) from the new template

Detailed descriptions of the available functions are available from the Build Steps page.  For more information on Promotions in general, see Promotion Paths.  

The new Build Steps represent a subset of the features available in Teamstudio Build Manager, which offers many additional capabilities to manage complex builds, including the ability to promote using different Notes IDs to support segregation of duties, Release Management/Deployment Tracking features, and Approval workflows.  For a comparison of CIAO! and Build Manager, see Product Comparison - CIAO! and Build Manager.

Upgrading CIAO! Configuration databases

The updated Edition 33 CIAO! Configuration database is designed to continue working with existing Promotion Paths.  A minor upgrade process is required, due to additional features added to the product.

Prior versions of the CIAO! configuration database allowed free-form entry of the target server specified in the Promotion Path document, without any validation.  The current version requires that target servers for promotion and design refresh actions be defined as Stored Servers, under the Resources tab in the configuration UI.  Stored Server definitions can only be created by users with the [[Admin]] ACL role, and contain additional settings including defining which users are allowed to promote databases to the target server, and what other servers may be used as Design Refresh targets.  For more information, see Stored Servers.

To assist in the upgrade process, the CIAO! configuration now includes an agent available via Actions > Admin > Verify Stored Servers.  This agent launches a wizard to scan Promotion Paths and Design Refresh steps, and display the names of server that have missing or disabled Stored Server definitions.  Server names can be selected to automatically create Stored Server documents.

Upgrading from a prior CIAO! template involves:

  • Signing the new CIAO! Configuration and CIAO! Log templates with an appropriate Notes ID
  • Refreshing the design of all CIAO! configuration and CIAO! log databases
  • Running the Verify Stored Servers action to create server definitions as needed (only required if Promotion Paths are in use in prior version)

For more information on the Verify Stored Servers action, see Stored Servers.

Template Updates

The Teamstudio Notes Tools utilize several Notes application templates for configuration and reporting.  All templates have updated for Edition 33, including updated UI look and feel and new icons.  Several templates also include usability improvements, see Fix List below for details.

Significant Changes in E32

Edition 33 of the Teamstudio Notes Tools builds on the many significant improvements and fixes made in Edition 32, including changes to the Tools Installer, documentation, Unicode handling, the Configurator UI, and the switch to PDB files for enhanced debugging.  The Edition 32.1 Release Notes describe these changes, along with a list of specific fixes, and is available here for reference: Release Notes Edition 32.1.  

Fix List

33.0.1 Build 5174

[TMS-1247] - Update code signing certificates to replace expiring certificates for the installer and Java plugins
[TMS-1249] - Fix Launch CIAO! action in CIAO! Configuration database
[TMS-1250] - Fix Analyzer Filters Severity Definition sorting and lookup issues - upgrade existing Filters database designs to the latest template to use with the CIAO! Design Audit step

33.0.0 Build 5167

[TMS-109] - Reports views should sort date chronologically not alphabetically
[TMS-240] - Analysis Form properties section shows red text that should be hidden
[TMS-959] - Analyzer crashes intermittently on very large script libraries
[TMS-1059] - Analyzer does not write computed labels in outline entries
[TMS-1167] - CIAO! crashes intermittently while checking design elements in or out in Designer
[TMS-1217] - Add serial key expiration dates to the about dialog
[TMS-1220] - Analyzer reports are missing XPage and Page options for database Launch settings
[TMS-1222] - CIAO! intermittently displays "command not available" error on opening
[TMS-1225] - CIAO! View action to enable/disable steps should clarify it does not affect CIAO! configuration documents
[TMS-1238] - CIAO does not list available versions correctly when a database is moved to a new path or server

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