You can perform some CIAO! operations using LotusScript. Using the CIAO script library, which is included with CIAO! (ciao.ntf), you can do the following:

This section provides detailed descriptions of each CIAO! script library function, followed by agent examples that illustrate  how to use it.

The CIAO! script library exposes the following functions

CIAOCreateChangeListGenerate a list of changes based on the database you specify and a range of version labels.
CIAOCreateCheckoutReportGenerate a report of checkouts for each design element in the database you specify using a description title for the report.
CIAODbCheckInNote2Check in a note.
CIAODbCheckOutNote2Check out a note.
CIAOMakeVersionImpCreate a version of the database specified.
CIAOStringLoadReturn the text string associated with a given error code.

If you work within the ciao.ntf template when testing or using the scripts, you will not have to worry about creating a CIAO! script library. However, if you move the scripts to a different database or template, you must also copy over this script library, possibly with its dependent script libraries.