Edition 32.1 is a feature release of the Teamstudio Notes tools. In addition to fixing a number of bugs, this release has significant upgrades to a number of internal tools and components. While many of these upgrades are not directly visible to the user, they were required to ensure that we continue to base our products on reliable, supported components. This document describes the major areas that were changed, along with a list of specific fixes.


We are aware that a number of users have significant problems with the widget and MSI installers. Starting with Edition 32.0 Beta 3, the widget and MSI installers are no longer available and instead we have a new installer based on Windows Installer technology. Some benefits of the new installer are

The Installation Guide has been updated for the new installer, but the TL;DR version is that the new installer should detect and upgrade your existing tools and remove any Teamstudio Widgets. If you used the old E31.1 MSI installers, your tools will still be upgraded but the old entries in Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs will not be removed. We recommend uninstalling anything installed with the old MSI installers before upgrading.

The installer in Edition 32.0 relied on a number of PowerShell and VBScript scripts. This caused problems for some users on older versions of Windows and in Edition 32.1 these scripts have all been replaced with a custom dll.

Some users have encountered a bug in recent updates of Windows 10 when attempting to modify an existing Teamstudio installation from the Windows settings screen. Windows will display a UAC confirmation screen, but rather than Yes/No buttons, the screen only offers a single Close button. We are working with our install tools vendor to see if there is a way to avoid this, but in the meantime you can work around the problem by re-running the Notes Tools.exe installer from a command prompt. This will give you exactly the same options to modify an existing install, but UAC will work correctly.


We have retired the pdf and Window Help (.chm) versions of the documentation and replaced them with a wiki at User Guide. It was cumbersome to update the documentation in its previous format, and we can now respond much more quickly to requests to update and expand documentation. The help buttons in the products should now launch your default browser to the appropriate page in the wiki.

Unicode UI Update

The UI for all of the tools now uses Unicode rather than the machine native character set. The visible difference is that it is now possible to work on international databases regardless of the language that the OS is using. Prior to E32, our products handled Japanese databases just fine on Japanese Windows but not on English Windows. This was required to upgrade to Visual Studio 2015 and also addresses a number of customer-reported issues where international text was not being displayed correctly.

Configurator UI Update

The edit control that we use to display color syntax-highlighted code in Configurator is no longer supported, and we have replaced it with the widely-used Scintilla control. There should be no significant difference in behavior from previous versions, other than that syntax highlighting is now much more accurate!

Symbol Files

IBM now recommends using pdb files to annotate nsd crash logs rather than sym files. We therefore no longer provide sym files, but do have pdb files available for all 32 and 64 bit dlls. These files are large so they are not included in the default installation. They are available as required from tech support to help investigate crashes.

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported by Microsoft and, as a result of the updates to more modern tooling and libraries, E32 tools no longer run on these platforms. For most users, the installer will fail on XP but even if the install succeeds, the tools will not run. We are open to reinstating support for these platforms, although this would require considerable engineering time. Please contact us via tech support or your account manager if XP or Windows Server 2003 remain part of your long term plans.

Fix List

Fixes marked with an asterisk (*) denote issues introduced in earlier betas. All other fixes denote issues present in shipping versions of the products.

32.1.1 Build 5028

[TMS-147] - Additional fix for some users still experiencing a CIAO hang when deleting elements from Designer
[TMS-789] - CIAO issues not stored when checking out multiple elements
[TMS-932] - Upgrade Authenticode signature for signing the new installer
[TMS-933] - Upgrade Java code signing certificate
[TMS-951] - Disable Installer Analytics - remove outgoing connections during install and uninstall surveys
[TMS-955] - Add additional logging to native msiutil.dll calls during install
[TMS-957] - Under rare circumstances, the 'Use Checkout Comment' checkbox is truncated
[TMS-959] - Analyzer can crash on sufficiently large script libraries
[TMS-960] - The issues column in the main CIAO UI is blank when an element has multiple issues

32.1.0 Build 5013

[TMS-147] - Fix client hang when deleting design elements with CIAO enabled
[TMS-397] - CIAO promotion option to always use highest version
[TMS-601] - The installer should modify the system path rather than the user path
[TMS-627] - Configurator crash using the search menu
[TMS-637] - Configurator crash when invoked from LotusScript
[TMS-667] - Rewrite all powershell and vbscript calls in the installer in a custom dll
[TMS-723] - Configurator may not color multi-line comments correctly
[TMS-725] - New lines inserted using the Configurator UI cause 'Unexpected:[13]' in old LotusScript editor
[TMS-815] - "Out of Memory" error running Configurator on a large Java Agent
[TMS-817] - Java code is not displayed in Configurator searching a Java agent
[TMS-819] - Configurator doesn't color {strings} and |strings| correctly in lotuscript
[TMS-838]* - E32.1 installer doesn't install on machines without the VC14 runtime
[TMS-885] - CIAO! Version number isn't logged when running promotion in ciao NSF
[TMS-886] - CIAO! promotions in CIAO! NSF fail on E32 due to DLL install location
[TMS-887] - CIAO! Promotion - Use default version number and do not log warning if no prior version
[TMS-892] - "Launch CIAO!" action in CIAO! template no longer works in E32
[TMS-902] - Profile documents with very long names crash Configurator
[TMS-908] - NSD files don't contain any crash information for notes2.exe crashes 

32.0.1 Build 4983

[TMS-634] - Japanese installer contains some English templates.

32.0.1 Build 4982

[TMS-590] - Configurator highlighting sometimes incorrect with international text

32.0.0 Build 4978

[TMS-588] - Java plugins cannot find tsutil.nsf after a clean install

Beta 3

[TMS-420] - Update license key dialog to make it clearer which field is the serial number and which is the key
[TMS-460] - Analyzer can report incorrect image type (or unknown) for image resource references
[TMS-494] - CIAO hook may incorrectly allow updates to template-linked elements
[TMS-513] - Timestamp Java code signatures so that plugin installs don't warn if installed after the certificate expires
[TMS-528] - Configurator crash or unhelpful error when handing a corrupt XPage

Beta 2

[TMS-362] - Profiler causes Error: Illegal use of PROPERTY after instrumenting chained calls on variants
[TMS-445] - Analyzer - References to profile documents display corrupt characters
[TMS-446] - Analyzer progress bar shows 'Undef 0001:098b' for some design elements
[TMS-447]* - Design Manager crash when selecting pretty much any form on the RHS
[TMS-448] - Validator displays an empty message box if you do not specify a view
[TMS-449] - The Validator dialog lets you leave the report database path empty and then fails with an unfriendly error
[TMS-453]* - CIAO Server 64 bit crash on server startup
[TMS-455] - Profiler displays a blank messagebox if you attempt to save a design element while profiling
[TMS-456]* - NSF installer fails with message about help file not found 

Beta 1

[TMS-145] - Analyzer UI having issues with foreign languages. (Hungarian)
[TMS-214] - Configurator - invalid structure error searching a form
[TMS-229] - Regular Expressions in Configurator
[TMS-233] - CIAO! not handling Asian characters
[TMS-250] - Configurator crashing Notes client
[TMS-257] - Configurator crash with simple search
[TMS-260] - Delta ToolTips not disabling
[TMS-271] - Search with Configurator not possible to Cancel
[TMS-274] - Configurator locks up on web services
[TMS-276] - Configurator corrupted a database and it can no longer sync with Unplugged
[TMS-278] - Configurator - Increase speed by only searching selected design elements
[TMS-295] - The signature for java code has expired
[TMS-297] - Teamstudio Configurator: Error during run ...
[TMS-299] - Configurator - Replace server in replication settings fails w/ Invalid Structure
[TMS-300] - Pages and Custom controls not listed in the Design Lists
[TMS-303] - Installing Tools with the MSI installers only displaying latest install in Add/Remove Program Files.
[TMS-306] - Configurator - 'Item of table type is invalid' and black background after replacement
[TMS-310] - CIAO - public API for checkin/out
[TMS-316] - Delta merge option should be grayed out when not available
[TMS-318] - Put the Analyzer UI back to how it was before it got mangled
[TMS-365] - Notes urls starting 'notes:///' generate an error 'Server name format is not recognized by protocol' in Validator
[TMS-366] - Validator does not properly report on any url links that use a replica id rather than a database path
[TMS-370] - Teamstudio CIAO not saving all fields on checkout
[TMS-371] - No nearby text on Broken URL Validator reports
[TMS-388] - CIAO! not displaying language when multi languages chosen
[TMS-394] - The 'about' dialog needs updating.
[TMS-396] - Replace sym files with pdb files