Teamstudio Adviser 6.2 - Release Notes

The current version, Adviser 6.2.0, is a feature release of Teamstudio Adviser. Please read the installation guide (available here) carefully before installing.

Upgrading from a previous version of Adviser 6

Upgrading to Adviser 6.2 involves refreshing or replacing the design of the server database, updating the workstation to the new command-line module and restarting the server's HTTP task.  See Upgrading Adviser on the installation page for a detailed list of steps.

Adviser and Usage Auditor 5.x

Upgrading from Usage Auditor 5.x

It is possible to upgrade from Usage Auditor 5.0 and retain all collected Usage data. Note that data collected with versions of Usage Auditor prior to 5.0 cannot be imported into Adviser. To ensure a successful upgrade, please contact our tech support team for help with your migration.

Running Adviser and Usage Auditor 5.x in Parallel

If you are evaluating Adviser, you may want to run Adviser and Usage Auditor in parallel. This is supported but you will need to run them on separate workstations to avoid conflicts between the two products.

Known Issues

           <clinit> failure initializing JDK logging system.  Continuing without Application logging.
           HTTP JVM: Access denied (java.util.logging.LoggingPermission control)

Fix List

Adviser 6.2.0 (Build 408)

[TMS-971] - Fix invalid error message when license is expired
[TMS-973] - Replace Adviser Workstation NSF with a separate executable Workstation application
[TMS-974] - Add ability to disable Effective Access (pending performance improvements)

Adviser 6.1.4 (Build 381)

[TMS-964] - Inactivity timeout on server/servlet causes NPE in ModuleClassLoader
[TMS-965] - Complexity can loop trying to reprocess an invalid document

Adviser 6.1.3 (Build 380)

[TMS-961] - Complexity fails with NPE if a design element cannot be accessed
[TMS-963] - Include debug information in java classes

Adviser 6.1.2

[TMS-930] - Display version number in the web UI
[TMS-935] - Add columns to Users/All view in Usage showing Notes Client and Web usage totals for each user
[TMS-937] - Make server logs available in the web UI
[TMS-938] - Support filtering and deleting in server logs
[TMS-939] - Prevent caching Web UI resources between releases
[TMS-940] - Display version number to workstation logging
[TMS-941] - Fix missing memory recycle during catalog import
[TMS-942] - Add HTTP Authentication support to workstation (command line only)
[TMS-943] - Usage scan task can error with server not responding
[TMS-948] - Capture Adviser version & Domino/OS info in log documents
[TMS-949] - Usage detail data counts can be incorrect for databases with web and client usage
[TMS-950] - Group by filter display is incorrect
[TMS-952] - Support for rebuilding Usage SQL database
[TMS-953] - Missing translation for 'Unknown' guidance value

Adviser 6.1.1

[TMS-917Add “By Last Access” grouping to Usage Databases list
[TMS-920] Max Enabled Servers Exceeded warning shows incorrectly for licenses with 1 server
[TMS-922] Effective Access fails when recursive groups are present
[TMS-923] Additional improvements to memory management
[TMS-924] Catalog Scan fails on some multiple-server catalogs
[TMS-926] ACL import should create server names in canonical form
[TMS-928] REST services should compress data sent to browsers
[TMS-929Complexity enabled/disabled setting shows incorrect value

Adviser 6.1.0

[TMS-807] Add https and port number options for Workstation invoke of Job service
[TMS-821] Errors scheduling server-side jobs should be logged
[TMS-826] Support for Domino 8.5.3
[TMS-827] View databases sorted/categorized by business value
[TMS-835] Filter out named users in Usage
[TMS-836] Incorrect dates are shown in Usage User details panels
[TMS-837] Erroneous "item is no longer in this view" when using back button
[TMS-864] Add Usage Users - By Last Access "Never"
[TMS-865] Changing Business Value should update Guidance Details panel
[TMS-879] Server scan should ignore and log address books that can't be opened
[TMS-880] Improve memory handling for documents processed in enumerations
[TMS-881] Improve ACL info in Catalog Dbs
[TMS-884] Redesign settings -> default servers functionality to better handle many servers / slow loading data
[TMS-890] Improve memory handling in lookup / find operations where possible
[TMS-893] Show server when viewing DB details
[TMS-894] Initial load of web app can cause ConcurrentModificationException on server console
[TMS-895] Catalog overview uses incorrect icons for recent scans
[TMS-897] Missing last access date for DBs in Usage User details
[TMS-904] Complexity keyword (search) terms not always scored

Adviser 6.0.2

[TMS-883] Fix issue where Settings page fails to function properly when a Domino Directory cannot be opened while searching for server names; Adviser 6.0.2 logs information about the error and continues loading servers from any additional directories.

Adviser 6.0.1

[TMS-782] Fixed issue where scroll bars behave erratically on Windows platforms
[TMS-786] Catalog Scan summary now shows the number of servers scanned
[TMS-787] Limit the number of resent scans shown on Catalog Overview
[TMS-788] Web UI now displays error messages if appropriate on the Jobs popup
[TMS-790] Forcing Guidance Result updates Guidance views and tables
[TMS-791] Fixed issue where switching categories fails after scrolling loads additional rows in the current view
[TMS-794] Usage Scan no longer attempts to run on servers that failed to respond to Catalog Scan[TMS-800] Deleting workstation definition in server causes the Workstation to log excessive "exiting" messages to the Workstation NSF
[TMS-795] Added ability to upgrade (reimport) data from 4.x Usage Auditor
[TMS-796] Upgrade (reimport) from Usage Auditor now fails if servers not defined or not previously cataloged
[TMS-797] Improve server-side logging
[TMS-798] Job errors are now logged to backend logging
[TMS-801] Workstation setup (Enable this Workstation) needs to set the locally-scheduled agent "run on" to current user in order to run
[TMS-802] Remove build-only "x\build..." agents from release template
[TMS-804] Add option to change server-side logging level via agent in the Notes client
[TMS-805] Jobs are now displayed in UI in creation order
[TMS-808] Fixed issue Users with no activity display as having accessed 1 server
[TMS-809] Usage: hide users with no activity (until we support user import
[TMS-810] Usage Scan now logs an error if Activity not enabled on server
[TMS-812] Fixed issue where the Usage Users details view layout can overlap the users table in some situations
[TMS-813] Fixed issue where navigating between User usage and Database usage warns that the item is no longer in the category